Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX generally provides the same features and services as a traditional private branch exchange system, but hosted PBX eliminates the need for building and managing an in-house PBX system. The service provider, typically a telecommunications provider, Internet/cloud service provider builds and hosts the PBX system on its premises. The hosted PBX is connected with customer/client telephone systems through IP-based networks and/or the Internet. Once a call is received, the hosted PBX routes that call to the corresponding client. Similarly, the client/customer connects to the hosted PBX using IP-based phones in order to make a call.

SIP Trunking

Users of traditional PABX systems can benefit from Next-Generation Networks technology, without throwing away a perfectly good phone system to do so. A SIP trunk is simply a different way of connecting your existing phone system to the outside world and bringing additional capacity and features to that system.

Enchaced Call Center

A multi-agent hosted contact centre allows customers to interact quickly and efficiently with an organisation. The result is a consistent and professional customer experience, increased agent productivity and reduced costs. Our Hosted Contact Centre provides an alternative to the significant investment required to install an ACD phone system. Our hosted ACD service provides organisations with high-end features on a pay-as-you-go monthly rental basis.


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Voice & Collaboration Services That Will Make You Fell Like You are in the Same Office. we are proud to be certified as a PCI-compliant cloud phone system by building a secure network.


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Unified Communications

Our Unified Communication is not a separate type of technology. It is a marketing term that refers to a suite of applications that share a similar design and interface to facilitate communication. It incorporates a variety of real-time and non-real-time communication channels. They include but are not limited to instant messaging, video calling, voice calls, conferencing, presence information, texting, integrated voicemail, fax and email.


Network Security Services

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Clear, Reliable and Resilient

Secure a high-quality internet connection with sufficient bandwidth.
Verify the network infrastructure can support VoIP.
Obtain VoIP-compatible handsets for the business.
Train employees on how to use the new system.
Create an extension tree and and automated attendant announcements.


Network & Call Quality Monitoring

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Clever Entreprise Collaboration

One trend that’s encouraging offices to embrace VoIP is the move toward the smart office. The smart office — similar to the smart home — is enabling voice-based devices to bring greater levels of control to the office. Whether it’s using an Alexa device to reorder office supplies with just a few words or taking voice control of your lights and temperature, smart offices are using voice as the platform for interacting with the environment. Going beyond the touch screen opens up a whole range of possibilities, and VoIP systems will potentially serve as the foundation for networking and delivering these services at scale. Imagine, for example, an office manager who can ensure that the exterior smart locks on every location are operational at scheduled closing times or that all the lights are shut off before the weekend.


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Voice & Collaboration Services That Will Make You Fell Like You are in the Same Office.

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Hosted PBX – Cloud Phone System

Instead of that large box in telecom closet through your Internet connection using VoIP technology.

Put all employees under the same phone system

Employees and staff all share the same virtual PBX.

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